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For possible action. Discussion on approval of Resolution #BOH2017R-001 that provides for the creation of a Committee on Health that will act as an educational and advisory body to the Douglas County Board of Health


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Mar 15, 2017 2:00 PM  Board of Health Regular Meeting
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Karen Beckerbauer, Social Services Manager read the Resolution into the record.

NM - doesn't mention the meeting schedule; KB - discussed monthly and then as need; quarterly for now. NM - left open up to committee to decide meeting schedule.

ST - shouldn't we put something in; ZW - left open to leave flexibility; allows committee to set their own schedule; Open Meeting Law. ST - meet after they meet; ZW - initially there will be more meetings; concept the adviosry committee will meet prior to BOH meeting to help board make decisions.

NM - should set the Board's schedule for the year.

BP - compensation of the committee - somebody from mosquito board on board; KB - hasn't reached out to them yet but this year will definitely; Dr. H - maybe they can attend meetings as needed; NM - rep within agency; KB - not identify an individual somebody within the ranks; NM - CERT volunteers should be added; could be very helpful; curious about the agencies; KB - Behavioral Hlt Taskforce - stepping up; explained who makes it up; subset from Health Care Coalition;

Larry - happy about forming of Advisory Committee; supports the resolution.


Dave Fogerson, Chairman Health Care Coalition looking on how to fill in the pieces. Board of Health top and need to fill in pieces below; Formalize the Coaltion and able to bring back information.

Public comment closed.

MOTION to adopt

MOVER:Nancy McDermid, Member
SECONDER:Barry Penzel, Member
AYES:Nancy McDermid, Barry Penzel, Ron Pierini, Steve Thaler, Larry Walsh, Dave Nelson, John Holman