The Regular of the Regional Transportation Commission was held on July 24, 2018 in the meeting room of the County Administration Building, 1616 8th Street, Minden, NV, beginning at 5:02 PM.

Call to Order

Nancy McDermid called the meeting to order at 5:02 pm.




Nancy McDermid, Chairwoman

Barry Penzel, Vice Chairman

Dan Hamer, Member






Jon Erb

Carey Rosser

Valerie Cook


Barry Penzel led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.


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MOTION to approve agenda


MOVER:              Barry Penzel, Vice Chairman

SECONDER:              Dan Hamer, Member

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer


Regional Transportation Commission - Regular - May 31, 2018 5:00 PM


MOVER:              Dan Hamer, Member

SECONDER:              Nancy McDermid, Chairwoman

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer



RTC Action Items

1.1 For possible action.   Discussion to approve a contract with Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc. for the Annual Pavement Preservation Project, in the amount of $446,007 as previously budgeted in Fiscal Year 2018-2019 and authorize the Public Works Director or County Manager to approve change orders up to 10% of the bid amount. (Jon Erb)

Jon Erb stated that every year we do an annual pavement preservation project. This year’s project consists of all chip seals. The project will chip seal approximately close to 16 miles of pavement. The collector road or region road is being done is Fish Spring road all the way out to where it turns into Jacobson Lane. Jon Erb gave each board member a map that showed them which roads will be chip sealed. Usually we chip seal about 70% to 80% regional roads and 20% or 30% local roads. This year it is the other way around. We are doing majority local roads to protect the pavement that is in good condition for it is an asset to the county as well as trying to make the roads last longer. There was a two week advertisement for this project. On July 12th, we opened bid and had 3 qualified bidders.  Sierra Nevada was the lowest bid at $446,007. Jon Erb did have $600,000 budgeted in the RTC 5 year plan for this project therefore if we need to add some roads or change orders, there is room for it.


Nancy McDermid asked why the contractor’s bid came in so low compared to the engineer estimate. Jon Erb stated that he used last year’s prices and evidently Sierra Nevada Construction beat him. Either they have gotten a good purchase on material and oil or he isn’t sure. Sierra Nevada is already in the area doing slurry seals and chip seals. Jon Erb also states that their mobilization is pretty low. Overall, he isn’t quite sure why they came in so low.


Barry Penzel asked if Jon Erb had any idea what Sierra Nevada Construction is charging the other people getting their chip seals done and if it compares cost per mile. Jon Erb stated that yes it does compare. He looks at other bids, but it is hard to compare to NDOT because they do 100 miles worth at a time. This has been on average the same price or close to few cents per square foot that we have gotten over the last 6 years and it is comparable to what Carson City has paid for theirs.

Dan Hamer brought up how there has been complaints about roads in the Pine Nut area and he asked if there is any possible need to add a couple roads or mileage to that area of the Valley. Jon Erb explained that pavement preservation is done on roads with a high PCI index and it is to preserve the good pavement that the road has. It will extend the life of the pavement approximately 7 to 10 years. If the road is already deteriorated to a point where it is cracked and failing apart, we don’t chip seal it because it will just reflect through in a year and it is a waste of money. Jon Erb isn’t sure where these complaints have occurred in the Pine Nuts, but if there are areas that need it then he can definitely add those roads.


Barry Penzel was out on Out R Way Road and noticed that Jon Erb had been doing a lot of patching. Barry Penzel asked if that is in Mr. Erb’s maintenance budget or if it has been sent out to bid. Jon Erb explained how he works for two departments – RTC Department and the Road Operating Department. Both departments work together. The Road Operating Department had this list of roads and went out and cleaned up all the shoulders, cracked sealed and did a lot of the preparation work so that Jon Erb doesn’t have to hire it out to a contractor. They will also do some patching therefore if a good road does have a pothole, the Road Operating Department will go out and fix it before the chip sealer comes it. They (Road Operating Department) have gone out and done a lot of work up front on these roads in preparation for this project. Jon Erb said that Out R Way Road is a grindings road and we have done a lot of patching on it. The Road Operating Department just finished up with 5 days of patching at Topaz Lake and at the Lodge. Jon Erb said he knows that the board designates money for there. Barry Penzel said the board designates $300,000 to Topaz Lake. Jon Erb said we did not do that much work and thinks that money should go to RTC board to determine a long range plan. But there was a lot of short term and immediate needs on that road and the Road Operating Department went and addressed those needs. Barry Penzel asked if that $300,000 is still available for Topaz Lake and if we are going to use it this year. Jon Erb said it is still available, but no we aren’t going to use it this year. Jon Erb explains that if we want to a do a quick overlay and not fix the drainage that could be done this year. If we want to engineer the road and try to fix the drainage then we would have to rebuild at least one of the roads. $300,000 does not go a long ways when you rebuild a road, therefore we will have to look more into this problem.  The county manager has directed Jon Erb to look into options on how we can use that money for in that area. Mr. Erb has to figure out what needs to be done by looking at the base and the existing pavement. Many of the roads are very narrow so a full survey with marking out the properties lines and widening the road for two lanes could be an option. Jon Erb said there will probably be a lot of opposition from people who live out there. But it is an option we need to look at it if it fixes the drainage. For right now, the turbulent water goes down the edge of the oil and is eating away not only the ditch but the road too. It’s not a road we can just go out there with a zipper and grind up. There are boulders and rocks right up to the surface and those will ruin our machinery. There is some design and engineering that needs to go into that area. But, the Road Operating Department did address some of the short term problems that people were complaining about. For example, the areas where the grindings were coming unraveled; we did pave a lot of that area with our own crew this week at a minimal expense. Jon Erb stated that we got a lot of work done. Barry Penzel stated how there is still a lot of work to be done and how the residents are asking to get something done. If it were up to Barry Penzel, he said he would use the $300,000 to fix the roads and then on a later date do all the engineering work. He asked if Jon Erb would be bringing these options to the board or RTC first. Jon Erb said there was talk about doing a workshop with the residents to go over their options first, giving the residents some input. Jon Erb said to do it right, you should widen the roads. Some of the roads are so narrow that you have to pull over to let oncoming traffic get by. If we widen it at least 20 feet wide, it will affect some residents. 



MOVER:              Barry Penzel, Vice Chairman

SECONDER:              Dan Hamer, Member

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer


1.2 For presentation only. Updates from Public Works on the progress of active road projects in Douglas County. (Jon Erb)

Jon Erb stated the point of this presentation is to update the RTC board with where we are at with all the projects. We have 4 full reconstruction active projects going right now and as well as the item the RTC board just approved. PineNut/Dump road has a brand new road and the project was on schedule. A few minor issues have been caught, but we are having the contractor come back out and fix them. We did have two change orders on the project. We will have a third which is reconcile of the final quantities. Jon Erb does think he will be saving the county some money at the end of this project because we didn’t use all the bid items. The first change order, SNC came up with a way to save the county $40,000 by the way we had the base design. The second change order was to add the fibrotic line and be brought across the road to the animal shelter and around back so that I.T. could pick it up and take it into the building. That change order came out to be $6,350 bringing it to a total savings of $33,650. Jon Erb said it was a good project and he spoke with the manager at the transfer station and said his drivers are very happy too.


Next project is Tillman Lane and they completed the storm drain as of today. They are still working on the sidewalks and curb replacements. They are going to start cement treating later this week and hopefully start paving later in the week as well. Detention Basin Center is quite large and everything is in place. Traffic control on the plan is closing Yellow Jacket Road, a short detour, to Yellow Jacket to Blue Rock. We are looking at a full completion on this project around August 17th. The budget is right now a little over because of change order number 1 there was some issue with a storm drain and a gas line not being exactly where they thought it was. So, we had to lengthen the storm drain to get past it and had to tie into a new man hole. The total cost came to $26,455.


Waterloo Lane has been under construction now for 2 weeks doing the irritation crossings and putting the new pipes in. The project has been quite challenging for the contractor. Granite has been very patient and hasn’t had a need to put a change order in. We have a new water master who is learning the ropes and Granite and this new water master have been working together well. The schedule has just been a challenge with when water comes and when it doesn’t. They are looking to put paving to begin around August 24th. Pulverizing on existing road will start around August 6th through 16th. Final completion is around September 11th. With traffic control, the road is close to everyone, but residents. And we are on budget as now.


Dresserville Road started this week. There is a box extension of Edna ditch because we thought there wasn’t going to be any more water in the ditch, but there was another 24 hours of water in the ditch.  They are working on cutting back the residential drive ways because we are widening the road 5 feet therefore cutting the driveways back 10 feet to have a 5 foot transition where the new pavement or cement will be. The schedule shows pulverizing the road way on August 14th, cement treatment on August 20th, paving on August 29th, and final completion around September 4th.  It’s a one lane closer with flaggers therefore there is minor delays. And as of right now we are on budget.

Next project is Stephanie Way. That was a culvert that failed. We did a marathon night on July 22nd and got it replaced for $38,173. It was surprising we didn’t have a cave in out there. There was a tunnel across the road starting at the centerline and went all the way to the north side. The diameter size was that of a 50 gallon drum. It was right towards the surface of the pavement and luckily it was thick pavement. We didn’t know any of this until we opened it up. It was a good thing that we got it replaced. It is becoming a more common occurrence in the valley with the old metal corrugated pipes. The pipes that are sitting in water or have water in them, there is nothing left of them. Surprising we haven’t had more problems with them then we do. Every year we are fixing a few and it is part of the 5 year plan that Mr. Erb has culvert replacement on there. That is where Mr. Erb got the money to fix Stephanie Way’s culvert.


Barry Penzel noticed that they put in cement head walls on Airport Road and Johnson Lane, but not on Stephanie Lane. Jon Erb said that Airport Road and Johnson Lane head walls are there because those ditches have a higher flow rate and are irrigation ditches. Stephanie Lane ditch only gets water a couple times a year and mainly deals with storm water. The culvert should be fine because it is just tail water and that type of flow does not require a head wall.


Barry Penzel asked about the other projects that have been approved but are not on the list. Barry Penzel specifically asked about Centerville. Jon Erb responded that Erik is working with an engineering firm that has the hydraulic model for the West fork of the Carson River. They are looking into what size of boxes need to go on that west fork of the Carson River. The actual location is at the big ditch that floods on Centerville every year. There is another box that is crumbling and falling apart. They are looking at the model to see if we can take those homes out of the floodplain by increasing the size of the box or not. Right now, Jon Erb is waiting on the answer from the consultant to determine what kind of box culvert we can put in there. For example if it is going to be a big one then we could get it cast in place or get a pre-cast one that we can just drop in there.  Barry Penzel asked if this project is in the mill and Jon Erb stated that it is in the mill. Mr. Penzel then suggested that Jon Erb take the credit for the project because the criticism is that Douglas County has nothing going on and states that Jon Erb has a lot going on. Jon Erb states on Johnson Lane project he has gotten a scope of work from a consultant and is waiting for their proposal so we can determine if we need to reduce their hours or reduce their scope of work. Jon Erb has not seen the cost yet to do the design for Johnson Lane. With Mottsville Lane, we have started with a design in house. Jon Erb has to see how the budget ends this year to see if there is enough money for that is the money we transfer to Tillman Lane. Barry Penzel said to Jon Erb that he should explain all that. Jon Erb said he has had such a problem with the irrigation crossing because road projects are right during irrigation season whether or not if he can pull out all the pipe crossings and do them as a separate project and do it in the late fall. Barry Penzel said that this is great stuff and people should know it. Jon Erb said okay and he would check to see if he can change the memo. The members of the board said it hasn’t been publish, but that he could also hand out an amendment to his memo. The board told Jon Erb congratulations. They are very happy with Jon Erb’s work.





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There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 5:32 PM.




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