The Regular of the Regional Transportation Commission was held on January 29, 2018 in the meeting room of the County Administration Building, 1616 8th Street, Minden, NV, beginning at 5:07 PM.

Call to Order

Jon Erb, Acting Chairman



Nancy McDermid

Barry Penzel

Dan Hamer





Ron Roman, Interim Public Works Director

Jon Erb, Transportation Engineering Manager

Doug Ritchie, Chief Civil Deputy District Attorney

Carey Rosser, Deputy District Attorney


Doug Ritchie

PUBLIC COMMENT (No Action Can Be Taken)

Robert Polhman made public comment on the NDOT upgrade to the culvert on 395 to meet a 100 year flood.  He would like to see the same thing happen on Buckeye Road where he claims a 100 year flood would be 35 wide and five foot deep across Buckeye Road.  He commented that the County needs to look at Ranch at Gardnerville and the overall impact to drainage on the Buckeye area.


Kenneth Cruz the Washoe Tribe Public Roads Director gave a quick history of the South governance through Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Tribal transportation plan.  The Tribe would like to reestablish communications and would like to be more involved in the planning processes of the state and county. Tribe does have some funding to pool together with county projects if needed. Kenneth said he would like to maintain contact with County representative which is Jon Erb


Doug Ritchie concerned citizen announced that Boy Scout Troup #230 free breakfast - Saturday 2/2 8am-10am at the - LDS Chapel.


Public comment closed at 5:17pm


MOTION to approve agenda; carried


MOVER:              Nancy McDermid

SECONDER:              Dan Hamer

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer


Regional Transportation Commission - Regular - Oct 24, 2017 5:00 PM

MOTION to approve agenda; carried


MOVER:              Dan Hamer

SECONDER:              Nancy McDermid

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer


1. For possible action.  Discussion on the election of a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson for the Regional Transportation Commission Board for a term ending December 31, 2018. (Jon Erb)

Barry Penzel made the following nominations:

Chair:  Nancy McDermid

Vice Chair:  Dan Hamer


Nancy McDermid commented that this is a good board.


MOVER:              Barry Penzel, Member

SECONDER:              Dan Hamer, Vice Chair

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer


2. For Possible action.  Discussion to provide staff direction regarding Douglas County's Draft 5-Year Transportation Plan, which will subsequently be incorporated into Douglas County's Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget and Fiscal years 2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program. (Jon Erb)

Jon Erb explained annual update on 5-Year Transportation plan with an explanation of the 2nd meeting in Tahoe the next night.  The purpose of the two meetings is to gather comments and update the 5-Year Transportation Plan for final approval in March.


Jon Erb gave an update to the progress of last year’s 5-Year Plan – Jacks Valley Road Reconstruction was the huge accomplishment, also the pavement preservation projects which included slurry seals and chip seals in east valley and on county roads in Lake Tahoe.  Pavement removal and patching was also done on Pinenut Road.  Mr. Erb explained there were weather related project on Green Acres and Alpine View to replace metal culverts with concrete culverts.


This construction season there will be 4 major projects; Dump Road, Tillman Lane, Waterloo Lane and Dresslerville Road. There will also be general pavement preservation projects which include chip and slurry seals, rehab of culverts, signal systems upgrades and ADA compliance work.  The county is behind on implementing and ADA Transition Plan on all Public Rights of Way for roads as well as including facilities and parks into the plan.


Next year the plan includes the reconstruction of Centerville Lane from SR88 to Foothill Road and the following season will be Johnson Lane from Heybourne Road to Wildhorse Lane and Mottsville Lane Reconstruction.


Other project funded in fiscal year 19/20, CAMPO area will receive NDOT funds for federal aid roads such as (Jacks Valley Road, Topsy Lane, Plymouth, Stephanie Lane, Johnson Lane and Vicky Lane) and a possible project would be repaving North Sunridge Drive.


Each year will have a pavement preservation project which includes road seals and overlays.  General rehab projects will also be funded for future projects.


Tonight the board is to just provide direction to provide direction to update 5-yr plan with a motion the next night to take it back for final approval in March 2018.


Nancy McDermid pointed out that the plan needs to be revised to say University of Nevada, Reno.


Barry Penzel and Nancy McDermid pointed out several items on the plan that need to be removed since they are either paid by the road operating fund or the Tahoe Douglas Transportation District funds.  Jon Erb agreed.


Barry Penzel asked about the bonding projects and if they could be moved up in schedule.  Jon Erb stated that they are scheduled according to how they were presented in October of 2016 for the BOCC to approve the sale of the bonds.  They are also scheduled for the amount of staff time is available to have proper oversite on the design and construction.


Barry Penzel asked if the County is contributing funds for the Centerville Roundabout project.  Jon Erb said no, the project is being paid for all from State Funds.  Barry Penzel asked if the project could be included on current projects on the 5-Year plan and Jon Erb agreed that would be a good idea.


Jon Erb explained the schedule of the roundabout project to the commission and the timeline for it.  Barry Penzel asked that coordination of public relations about the project should be done with NDOT.  Jon Erb agreed and will pursue the issue.


Barry Penzel asked to check on the Tiger Grant availability for finishing Muller Parkway.  Jon Erb will discuss this with the County Manager and Community Development.


Dan Hamer asked to clear up ADA compliance and what all is required.  Jon Erb explained what ADA Transition plan is.  It’s a plan of action to bring up all transportation Rights of Way and public facilities to current standards.  There must be an ADA coordinator if there are more than 50 employees, a grievance policy for the public to access.  Jon Erb has been in contact about the issue with the County Manager and some of the plan will need to go to outside consultants because of the time it takes and we currently do not have staff with the experience to do an ADA Transition Plan.  Only roadways with sidewalks and pedestrian crossing need to meet the requirements.



Public Comment:


Bob Polhman asked how does the county coordinate with the towns and General Improvement Districts in regards to funding an ADA plan development.  Jon Erb stated they have their own plans and funding and they could join ours if they wanted but they would need their own inventory, funding, and mitigation plan for improvements.


Public comment closed 6:01pm


Nancy McDermid discussed the storm water program and how does this play into the RTC.  Jon Erb said that if a road project has a chance to correct or improve storm water crossing to meet the finding of the program then it would look at finding funding and making those improvements.


Barry Penzel asked the District Attorney, Doug Ritchie, about coordination with DA and County Engineer about easements of roads that have culverts about jurisdictions of existing maintenance of culverts.  Doug Ritchie stated that the county has a list of county maintained road.  County needs to look to see if the ditches and culverts were accepted with the road for maintenance. 


Barry Penzel asked how we handle the overflow of storm water that crosses the roadway and enter private property.  Barry Penzel said there needs to be a working group that will come up with a way to resolve it.  Nancy McDermid added that this should be all part of the Courtney Walker, Erik Nilssen, and the County Manager to set up.  Doug Ritchie commented that the county doesn’t have the resources to fix all the issues of storm water.


Ron Roman agreed with Nancy McDermid that we need to work with Erik Nilssen and the storm water masterplan.


Nancy McDermid stated that our roads were built without the need for storm water because of the rural nature of the area before development occurred. 


Doug Ritchie stated the problem we are having is not so much the culverts the county has but culverts on driveways that are not permitted or sized correctly and never maintained by the property owner. To fix this there really needs to be coordination with community development.  The issue is more than just the roads and should not be the sole responsibility of road funding and resources.


There was a discussion on older developments and how basins and ditches got approved with no requirements for maintenance. Nancy McDermid stated on new developments there should be a development agreement to address all aspects to include maintenance, roads, storm water, etc.


Doug Ritchie said the RTC could make a recommendation to the BOCC about recommendation to Title 20 in regards on how they accept maintenance of roads and drainage facilities. 


Dan Hamer asked how long the county reserves the right to accept a road for maintenance.  Doug Ritchie stated we reserve the right indefinitely.   Dan Hamer stated we need to evaluate the finish product after a notable weather event to see what needs to be changed before accepting it. 


Barry Penzel stated that maintenance seems to be the key issue whether it’s residential or a collector road.  The easement along the roadway should be the responsibility of the county.  Doug Ritchie stated that driveway culverts are not a benefit to the public but to the homeowner and those culverts have been the problem.  The county may have to take on the non-conforming culverts and take out the culvers and place new ones.


Barry Penzel stated there should be a plan to use storm water funding to do simple maintenance items to help with flooding issues.  He stated there is $1.5 million dollars available and it should be used for simple fixes.  Jon Erb stated that he is going after some of the Board Designated infrastructure money to improve flooding issues on Centerville Road.  He is not sure if the money is the same to that Mr. Penzel is discussing.


Nancy McDermid asked if the Campo money could be used for drainage improvements.  Jon Erb asked that it is the best interest to the county to use the money for pavement only and avoid any type of project that would require environmental.


The Johnson Lane project will be coordinated with Erik Nilssen and the storm water masterplan.  The project will go to a consultant for engineering of the road as well as the drainage.


Jon Erb is asking for direction for tonight’s meeting to include any kind of improvements with the County Engineer and Courtney Walker for collaboration on projects to try to solve multiple issues with roads and storm water.  Jon Erb indicated that the parties have been working together as well as in contact with the County Manager to provide infrastructure money to projects to solve storm water issues.  As an example, Tillman Project and the future Centerville Project are looking at using those funds for specific storm water improvements.


Jon Erb indicated that this 5-Year process is updated yearly so as the storm water masterplan comes together we can add those improvements to any road that will be reconstructed or improved.


Jon Erb told the commission that he has been asked to be a part of a federal pilot program for rural road safety improvement plan.  The program may provide money to the county for safety improvements one of which could be widening the roadways and culverts.

3. For presentation only.  Reports / updates from staff regarding the 5-year transportation plan projects. (Jon Erb)

Jon Erb gave an update on all the NDOT projects schedules: Airport Road, the SR88/Centerville roundabout, US 395 Martin canal culvert, Muller Lane Bridge Replacement, and the Kingsbury Drainage improvement project.  Airport road is to start in the next couple of weeks.  The roundabout project will require the intersection to be completely closed for approximately 3 weeks with detours.  The project is expected to be completed in June.



MOTION to adjourn; carried




MOVER:              Nancy McDermid, Chairwoman

SECONDER:              Barry Penzel, Member

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer


There being no further business to come before the Regional Transportation Commission, the meeting adjourned at 6:54pm.


                                          Respectfully submitted:





                                          Nancy McDermid, Chairwoman