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The Regular of the Regional Transportation Commission was held on January 30, 2018 in the meeting room of the Tahoe Transportation Center, 169 Highway 50, Stateline, NV, beginning at 5:00 PM.

Call to Order



Nancy McDermid, Chairwoman

Dan Hamer, Vice Chairman

Barry Penzel, Member





Ron Roman, Interim Public Works Director

Jon Erb, Transportation Engineering Manager

Carey Rosser, Deputy District Attorney


PUBLIC COMMENT (No Action Can Be Taken)

No public comment


MOTION to approve agenda; carried


MOVER:               Barry Penzel             

SECONDER:                Dan Hammer

AYES:               McDermid, Penzel, Hamer             




1.        For Possible action.  Discussion to provide staff direction regarding Douglas County's Draft 5-Year Transportation Plan, which will subsequently be incorporated into Douglas County's Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget and Fiscal years 2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program. (Jon Erb)



Jon Erb explained that this is the second meeting of a series of two meetings.  The first meeting was the night before in the valley for public input from the valley public and entities.  Tonight’s meeting is for the Lake Tahoe basin to be able to comment on the 5-year transportation plan.  Jon Erb went over the projects completed last year and the projects that will be coming up in the area.


This construction season there will be 4 major projects; Dump Road, Tillman Lane, Waterloo Lane and Dresslerville Road. There will also be general pavement preservation projects which include chip and slurry seals, rehab of culverts, signal systems upgrades and ADA compliance work.  The county is behind on implementing an ADA Transition Plan on all Public Rights of Way for roads as well as including facilities and parks into the plan.


Next year the plan includes the reconstruction of Centerville Lane from SR88 to Foothill Road and the following season will be Johnson Lane from Heybourne Road to Wildhorse Lane and Mottsville Lane Reconstruction.


Other project funded in fiscal year 19/20, CAMPO area will receive NDOT funds for federal aid roads such as (Jacks Valley Road, Topsy Lane, Plymouth, Stephanie Lane, Johnson Lane and Vicky Lane) and a possible project would be repaving North Sunridge Drive.


Jon Erb asked for direction for finalizing the 5-year plan.


Barry Penzel commented on the tax section that the gas tax revenue should be shown in a table on the discussion of revenue.


Nancy McDermid and Barry Penzel had a discussion regarding the commercial construction tax and the residential construction tax.  Their discussion was a recap from the BOCC special road tax meeting the previous week.  They were discussing that the change in tax would have to be on the ballet.  They would like to have it on the agenda for the March meeting.


Nancy McDermid was asking about the reserve for the US 50 revitalization project and what happens to it in the future.  Jon explained that once the parking garage is paid for the funds switch to the TDTD funds which are not part of the 5-year plan.


Nancy McDermid asked about Kahle Drive and where does the plan show money going towards it.  Jon Erb explained that Kahle Drive is a local road and RTC doesn’t have funds for it at this time.  There could be a possibility that it would qualify for Tahoe Douglas Transportation District funds.


Barry Penzel asked if the PCI indexing could be included in the 5-Year Transportation Plan as an attachment.  Ron Roman explained that it could be but it is expected to be update throughout the year.  Jon Erb will look into the best method of providing that information to the public.  If it is tied to a final approved plan then staff couldn’t update it until the following year.  Barry Penzel suggested that we need to include on the plan a description of what the PCI is and how it aids in selecting roads.


Jon Erb explained that CAMPO is putting together a work item to perform PCI surveys within the Douglas CAMPO area.  The project will be paid for by CAMPO funds and consist of a mobile survey with a digital photo program.


Barry Penzel suggested to include the last 5 years of projects that have been completed and the amount spent on each project and what amount was budgeted on the project.


Dan Hamer asked about project cost and how does things like natural disasters play into the cost.  Is there a trend on road construction cost and are they increasing?  Jon Erb discussed that there is a yearly increase in the cost and that oil and gas prices will always affect road prices. Dan asked specifically will Dump Road be subject to price increase. Jon Erb indicated that the engineers estimate tries to make the best assumptions to current prices.


Nancy McDermid asked if the 4 projects can be consolidated as the single or double project.  Jon Erb explained that the issue with bundling them is how long it makes the construction season because they may not have ability to work in each place at one time.  The other issue is that they are each on a different design schedule and with different engineers.  Jon Erb said he would look at the possibility of Tillman to go out with Gardnerville Rancho General Improvement District.


Barry Penzel asked if there is a need to put water and sewer in the ground like we are doing with conduit for future fiber optic.  Ron Roman explained the waterline that exists at the fairgrounds and that there isn’t a need to expand the waterline.  Ron Roman stated that all the properties are on septic.


Nancy asked if any of the other projects need to have conduit for fiber optic.  Jon Erb said he had asked Sherri McGee about all the projects and she didn’t need conduit on them.








Public Comment


Steve Teshara addresses the commission that he had little time to review the document due to not getting it until a week before the meeting.  Steve Teshera made a comment about the snow plow statement and it was incorrect as he thought the county was doing the snow plowing.  Jon Erb gave a quick update that the county couldn’t get seasonal employees this year and that contractor is doing the plowing within the basin.


Steve Teshara said he is preparing a letter to Jon Erb with his comments but he will give the commission a quick overview.  Steve Teshera stated Kahle Drive comments need to be updated to match the water quality project and complete street projects that are being proposed.


Steve Teshara commented on the section of Bike and Ped that there are quite a few simple projects on the plan that have been there for a long time.  His question is who do they go to, to get these project started.


Public comment closed


Nancy McDermid brought up a way finding project that the business council is doing and wanted to know if Jon Erb has been involved in the process.  Jon Erb said that he has met with them and discussed the project. He indicated that they may do some pilot location for signs first and the biggest hurdle will be getting approval from NDOT.  Barry Penzel and Nancy McDermid talked about the importance of these signs having universal symbols on them.


MOTION:  Based upon the discussions and input received at the January 29, 2018, and January 30, 2018, RTC meetings: (1) direct staff regarding any comments or changes that should be incorporated in a "Final" 5-year Transportation plan, and (2) direct staff to bring the "Final" plan before the Regional Transportation Commission for approval at the March 27, 2018 meeting.



MOVER:              Nancy McDermid, Chairwoman

SECONDER:              Barry Penzel, Member

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer


2.        For presentation only. Reports / updates from staff regarding the 5-year transportation plan projects. (Jon Erb)

Jon Erb gave an update on Kingsbury Grade Drainage project and the SR88/Centerville roundabout.  The roundabout project will require the intersection to be completely closed for approximately 3 weeks with detours.  Both of these projects will have some effect to the Tahoe Basin with delays in travel.

Public Comment


Steve Teshara thanked the commission and staff for coming to Lake Tahoe.



MOTION to adjourn; carried




MOVER:              Barry Penzel, Member

SECONDER:              Nancy McDermid, Chairwoman

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer


There being no further business to come before the Regional Transportation Commission, the meeting adjourned at 6:54pm.


                                          Respectfully submitted:





                                          Nancy McDermid, Chairwoman



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