Douglas County Regional Transportation Commission


The Regular of the Regional Transportation Commission was held on July 24, 2018 in the meeting room of the County Administration Building, 1616 8th Street, Minden, NV, beginning at 5:02 PM.

Call to Order

Nancy McDermid called the meeting to order at 5:02 pm.


Nancy McDermid, Chairwoman

Barry Penzel, Vice Chairman

Dan Hamer, Member







Barry Penzel led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.


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MOTION to approve agenda


MOVER:              Barry Penzel, Vice Chairman

SECONDER:              Dan Hamer, Member

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer


Regional Transportation Commission - Regular - May 31, 2018 5:00 PM


MOVER:              Dan Hamer, Member

SECONDER:              Nancy McDermid, Chairwoman

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer


RTC Action Items

1.1 For possible action.   Discussion to approve a contract with Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc. for the Annual Pavement Preservation Project, in the amount of $446,007 as previously budgeted in Fiscal Year 2018-2019 and authorize the Public Works Director or County Manager to approve change orders up to 10% of the bid amount. (Jon Erb)

Jon Erb states that every year we do a preservation project. This years project is chip seal project that will be about 16 miles. Fish Spring road to . Everyone was given a map that showed which roads were being chip seals. Majority of local roads. Sierra Nevada was low bid. 600,000 budgeted for this order, so if changes need to happen


Nancy question was about the engineer bid vs the contractors.


Barry Penzel any idea what they are charging the other people. Does it compare cost per mile.  JE hard to compare to NDOT because they do 100 mile. Ours is comparable to Carson City.

Dan Hamer run offs? Any possible need to add a couple roads to Pine Nuts or to that area of that valley. JE adds 7 to 10 years to a roads life. We can add to if we need to.

BP - patching out for Change. Is that including in our maintenance or out for bid. JE has two departments , RTC and Douglas Roads, DR has gone out and prepared a lot of roads with patching to get a head start for chip seal. Done a lot of patching on a grinding roads.

BP - 300,000 still available for the Lake? JE it is not. If we want to a do a quick overlay and not fix the drainage, that can be done this year. But if we want to fix the drainage ... lot of those roads are very narrow. Eating away the ditch and the road. We did addresss all the issues that the people were complaining about. We got a lot of work done

BP - would spend the 300,000 and then do the engineering. JE said they may have a workshop for the public so they can have input on what needs to be done. Jon states that the road will probably be widen.


MOVER:              Barry Penzel, Vice Chairman

SECONDER:              Dan Hamer, Member

AYES:              McDermid, Penzel, Hamer

1.2 For presentation only. Updates from Public Works on the progress of active road projects in Douglas County. (Jon Erb)

Jon Erb this is an update to let you know where we are at with projects. We have 4 active projects going right now. Dump has a brand new road and was on schedule. Few things need to be fixed so will have the contractor go back and fix them. Change order SNC - save some money on how we had the base design. Saved the county 40,000. The other change order was adding the fiborostic line, total savings of 33,050. JE talked to the transfer station and says the drivers are very happy.

Next project is Tillman lane, completed the storm drain as of today. Going to cement treating it later this week and paving it.

Detention center is quite large and in place.

Full complete aug 17th . Budget is a little over, issue with storm drain and gas line not being exactly where we thought it was. 26,455

Waterloo lane been under construction for 2 weeks. Quite challenging for the contractor. Granite paving to begin around July 24 Final Sept

Minmal change orders

Dresservile Road started this week. Water changes. Working on cutting back on residental driveways. Cutting driveways 10 feet, widing the street 5 feet. Aug 14th, paving the 29 sept 4th completion. Right now on budget.

Stephanie way. Culvert that failed. Got it replaced in one night 38,000. Surprised we didn't have a cave in. Luckly the pavement was thick, had money in the budget for it.


BP - airport and johnson lane cement head walls? But not at Stephanie . JE put them on the ditches and with higher flow rate .Steph only gets water there a couple times a year and more storm water. It's tail water. Doesn't have the flow that is need to be required

Centerville? JE Erik is working looking at taking homes out of the flood plan by fixing the boxes. Project is in the mill. BP wants JE to take credit on more things. Mottsville lane in house design. Waiting on budget.



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